As one of the leading peripheral enclosure solution provider, HornetTek specializes in Storage and Multimedia External Enclosure solutions. We are constantly offering state-of-the-art design hard disk enclosures and user-friendly peripherals to consumers. HornetTek is a global peripheral enclosure provider with manufacturing facility located in China since 1999. We deliver high quality standard products at competitive pricing which provides our customers an excellent opportunity to be successful in the competitive International Enclosure marketplace.

Our reputation, experience, keen industry insight, and power of direct manufacturing allows us to surpass OEM and ODM requirements. The end result? Our customers are provided with superb value, high-quality-in-demand products. Our R&D engineering team is accustomed to form a standard yet efficient new product development procedure to satisfy time sensitive requirements from the market with our experts delivering the freshest technologies available. We are always in tune to what is hot in the market place by creating innovative products at a competitive price value.

Overall, we will achieve our mission through excellence in product design, factory manufacturing, and customer service. All HornetTek products come with a ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY (From Date/Time of Purchase). To obtain warranty service, if necessary, please contact us or visit our Orders and Returns & Privacy Policy for more detail information.

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